Name: Angie Craig

Office Sought:  Minnesota's 2nd Congressional District, U.S. House of Representatives

About: Growing up in a trailer park, I didn’t expect to end up as an executive at a Fortune 500 company, or running for Congress, but my life experience did teach me that hard work and a good education could lead to a better life. I watched as my mother raised three kids, all while working and going to school. It took nearly ten years, but my mom never gave up; she earned her college degree and became a public school teacher.

With that kind of example, it’s no surprise that my brother, sister and I were expected to go to college, no matter the obstacles. By working two jobs, and with help from student loans, I graduated from the University of Memphis. Since then, I have been a journalist and risen through the ranks at two companies.

I’m running for Congress to make sure that all families have a path to create their own success story. From high quality public education, technical skills training, affordable college to creating meaningful, good paying jobs, I know what it will take to restore the American Dream for the next generation. 

Why she endorsed Voters First:

I am committed to running a Voters First campaign because it is critical to build the kind of campaign that increases turnout and engages voters in a high quality conversation about the issues that matter to them and their families. It is also important to engage grassroots and low-dollar donors in the campaign as a way to ensure all voices are heard. Since I entered this race in April of 2015, I have incorporated these values into the day to day operations of the campaign and directed campaign staff to do the same.

How she is running a Voters First campaign:

A well run field program built off the principles of the Voters First campaign is a key component of my campaign. Starting our field program in January of 2016 gave us the opportunity to have a significant impact on the district and build out the kind of operation we need to increase overall voter turnout, build a sustained and engaged volunteer base, and make hundreds of thousands of attempts in the effort to have meaningful conversations with voters. There are also a number of State House and State Senate candidates running in competitive districts in CD 2. I have worked hand in hand with them from day one and look forward to making sure we effectively work together on the ground to succeed in November. To date, we have made over 360,000 attempts, have over 900 volunteers signed up, and have over 25 interns ready to get to work this summer. We look forward to continuing to prioritize the principles of the voters first campaign in our efforts this summer and fall.  

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