Name: Monica Vernon

Office Sought:  Iowa's 1st Congressional District, U.S. House of Representatives 


Monica Vernon is running to unseat Freshman Tea Partier, Rod Blum in the district that the Washington Post and Politico have heralded as one of 2016’s most likely to flip.  She's a working mom who started a small business while raising three daughters with her husband Bill.  Through her business, Monica found that homeless women and children didn't have a place to go in her community.  Seeing a need, she brought diverse groups to the table and led the charge to build the first homeless shelter for women and children in Cedar Rapids. While serving eight years on the Cedar Rapids City Council, Monica lead the city through recovery from a devastating flood in 2008 by bringing together business, labor, government and non profits.


Why she endorsed Voters First:

It is so important that we increase voter turnout in this country.  We want to bring everyone to the table to hear ideas and make decisions. All of us are faced with tough issues everyday and it is critical that we show up and elect people that we trust and will fight for the principles we believe in.

How she is running a Voters First campaign:

Ahead of my primary election I spent from sun up to sun down calling voters in my district and engaging with them one-on-one about the issues they care about.  Whether it is one of our field organizers, a volunteer or myself, it is so key that campaigns do everything they can to meet voters where they are, engage and turn them out to vote.

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