Name: Morgan Carroll

Office Sought:  Colorado's 6th Congressional District, U.S. House of Representatives

About: Making government more efficient and transparent, lowering healthcare premiums to put more money in the pockets of hardworking Coloradans, taking on lobbyists and special interests – many people said it couldn’t be done. Morgan Carroll saw things differently, and brought people together to deliver results.


A lifelong Coloradan, Morgan has devoted herself to community and family. Her mother attended Aurora High School and went on to become a pioneering woman in law. Her father, a Colorado native, was a relentless advocate and attorney. 

After high school, Morgan spent years working at a gas station, a video store, and as an office secretary to pay the bills and put herself through law school. Along the way, Morgan lost her father to Parkinson’s disease and saw firsthand how quickly a lifetime of retirement savings can be erased by medical bills, an experience that deepened her commitment to standing up for Colorado’s middle class families. Following law school, Morgan and her mother opened up a law firm advocating for people with disabilities. 

Seeing a need for creative solutions, Morgan took her fight to the Colorado House of Representatives and then to the State Senate. In 2013, she became only the second woman in Colorado history to be selected President of the Colorado Senate. 

Now, Morgan is taking on a broken Congress that’s rigged against hardworking families. There’s no doubt it’s going to be her greatest challenge yet. But if the fight was easy, it wouldn’t be for Morgan. She’s never backed down, never will.

Why she endorsed Voters First:

I am endorsing the Voters First campaign because casting a ballot is not only the cornerstone of our democracy but it is also the best way for our voices to be heard. I believe that the best way to hold our elected officials accountable is by exercising our right to vote.

How she is running a Voters First campaign:

The Carroll for Colorado campaign is a grassroots, people-powered effort to take back our government in Colorado's 6th Congressional District. We want to increase voter turnout by talking to voters that have less propensity to cast their ballots, register new voters and ensure that voters have their registration updated so they can take full advantage for Colorado's all-mail ballot voting. Further, we will heavily invest in our field campaign because we believe that the one-on-one voter contact is critical to hearing what voters are thinking and what they want to see in their next representative. Not only will we execute our field campaign with other federal candidates in Colorado such as U.S. Senator Michael Bennet and Secretary Hillary Clinton, but we will also work with our down-ballot democrats to let them know when we will be doing event in their district and encourage their participation. However, all of this starts with building strong volunteer capacity which we started over a year ago! To fund our efforts we have done grassroots mailings and our average contribution to our campaign is only $117 dollars and we have over 4,000 individual donors. Morgan believes deeply in expanding people's voting rights and that is why while she was in the Colorado State Legislature she supported expanding the mail ballot program to include all registered voters in Colorado and she recently worked to increase the number of voting service centers and locations that people can return their ballot without putting it in the mail.

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